Greenbug Flea Infestation Treatment

Flea Infestation Treatment

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Fleas can drive you and your furry friends nuts!  If you have an infestation, the best way to treat the entire property is with a Greenbug Flea Infestation Fogging Treatment.  Save money and successfully treat the Flea Infestation yourself because Greenbug controls fleas!

Greenbug Flea infestation Treatment

Package Includes:

1 Greenbug NIOSH Approved Bandit Respirator 
1 Greenbug Non-Vented Clear Safety Goggles 
1 Greenbug Ultra-Low Volume Fogger 
1 Greenbug Concentrate, one quart 
1 Greenbug for People/Pets, 2 ounce bottle  
1 Greenbug People/Pets, one gallon  
1 Greenbug People/Pets, one quart 

In addition, you will need:

  1. Vacuum entire area thoroughly. Vacuum the surfaces of pet bedding, all areas pets sleep on upholstered furniture and rugs.  Pay special care to the corners and areas where carpet abuts a wall.  This is where Flea eggs and alarva reside.
  2. If relevant, wash linens, bedding and affected belongings using the hottest possible settings in the washer and dryer. Add ¼ cup of Greenbug Ready to Use or properly diluted Greenbug Concentrate to the fabric softener cycle. 
  3. Prior to treatment, turn off all pilot lights. Turn off smoke alarms and alert security system monitoring companies as the fog can trigger smoke alarms. 
  4. Remove pets/animals and plants from area to be fogged and do not re-introduce until all fog is gone.
  5. Pull furniture and artwork away from the walls. Separate mattress and box springs and set each on the side to access all surfaces of mattress and box springs.
  6. Turn the dial on the fogger to the smallest droplet size output.  This allows the Greenbug for People/Pets to penetrate more easily.
  7. Fog the area using the Greenbug Fogger and Greenbug for People/Pets (1 quart per 1000 square feet of coverage) using the smallest droplet setting on the fogger.
  8. All involved must use a respirator (not face mask) and goggles.
  9. Beginning at the far side of each room, aim the fogger directly at all potential spots fleas may lurk – under and behind furniture, all around the mattresses, box springs, rugs, pet bedding and blankets whre they like to sleep, etc.
  10. Direct the fog into corners, cracks and crevices using sweeping motions back and forth. Make sure the mist falls evenly and penetrates thoroughly. 
  11. Exit room and close door. It may help to stuff a towel at the base of the door to keep fog contained. 
  12. Allow the fog to penetrate a minimum of 4 hours to overnight. Upon returning, wear the respirator and goggles if any fog remains. Air out the areas that have been fogged by opening windows, using fans, and/or by running the HVAC to circulate the air. 
  13. Clean the room as usual and you can inhabit immediately after the fog has dissipated.
  14. Treatment can be repeated after 4 hours.  Depending on the severity of the infestation, multiple treatments may be necessary.  The more thorough the fogging effort, the better the results.  Setting the fogger in the middle of the room and hoping it gets to the hiding spots will not be successful.
  15. Smooth surfaces (hardwood floors, countertops, tile floors, etc.) may be slick after fogging treatment so exercise caution upon re-entry. These surfaces may require normal cleaning. Textile items (fabric, carpet, draperies, upholstery, etc.) will not need cleaning and it is suggested to not vacuum for a few days to allow the Greenbug for People/Pets to maintain a barrier control.
  16. After treatment, lightly spray the vacuum hose and canister with Greenbug for People/Pets to control any Flea eggs or larva within the vacuum cleaner. 
  17. Spray Greenbug Concentrate, properly diluted on linens and bedding once a week as a preventative.
  18. To prevent future Flea Infestations, a Greenbug System will provide Automatic Pest Control for Fleas for your entire property using Greenbug through your irrigation system.