Greenbug System For Landscape Contractors

Greenbug System offers Automatic Pest Control through your irrigation system

Introducing the Greenbug System that safely controls pests using an existing irrigation system. Mosquitoes, ticks, fleas, ants and many others are controlled using Greenbug.

The Greenbug System is a patent pending mechanism that integrates with an existing irrigation system to create pest-free areas wherever water is directed. 

Imagine the opportunity for your customers to control pests. You can offer pest control to your clients that is automatic and inexpensive!

How It Works:

  1. Replace the existing control panel with the Greenbug System.
  2. Locate or install an RPZ backflow preventer.
  3. Locate the first valve box to determine the injection site. 
  4. Bury the feed line to the injection site.
  5. Fill up the reservoir with Greenbug Concentrate and ...
  6. You are done! 

The regular irrigation cycle remains exactly the same. At a completely different time, the Greenbug cycle runs a mere 2 minutes per zone per day to deliver the calibrated amount of Greenbug.

Installation of the Greenbug System costs less than other ongoing pest control options. Best of all, you will establish a recurring revenue stream for you as your customers will need Greenbug Ready to Use to fill their system. 

Refilling the system is easy and fast. Increase profits while offering a valuable and unique service to your clients.

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Greenbug controls pests