About Greenbug, Inc.

Greenbug All Natural Controls pests

Greenbug was started in 2010 by Louise and Dan Hodges. They wanted to help people enjoy their lives without pests without using toxic, synthetic pesticide chemicals.  Who is happy when bugs are around? And who wants to use poisons?

Greenbug owners Louise and Dan Hodges control pests

Greenbug was created to offer pest control alternatives to traditional pesticides. Greenbug pest control products are made with an active ingredient of cedar. Just like cedar chests and closets where there are no bugs. That is because cedar controls pests. Yet cedar is fine for humans, animals, and the environment. Greenbug also has no affect on the important pollinators because we’re all about honey bees & butterflies!

Greenbug controls pests like mosquitoes, ticks, mites and fleas. Greenbug controls pests like roaches, fire ants, aphids and other garden pests. Even head lice and bed bugs!

Greenbug controls pests

Dangerous pesticides can affect people, animals and the environment as well as the important pollinators like honey bees and butterflies. Traditional pesticides are not natural – they can be synthetic poisons or man-made neuro-toxins. It is scary as they are used everywhere! Pesticides are in our food supply and classrooms, in our hospitals and grocery stores. And many of these pesticides are linked to health problems like Asthma, Autism, ADHD, Cancer, etc. We need to stop poisoning ourselves, our children and our planet!

That is why Greenbug began!

For larger areas of pest control, Greenbug has developed the Greenbug System. The Greenbug System allows your irrigation system to perform two functions: 1)Watering and 2) Automatic Pest Control. The Greenbug System is like an I.V. drip of Greenbug into your irrigation water line. Now everywhere water is directed has pest control. Automatically! 

Greenbug system offers automatic pest control through your irrigation system

Thank you for your interest in Greenbug. We look forward to working together!

Greenbug – Pests Don’t Like It!