Greenbug My Furniture has Termites

My furniture has Termites.

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As the name implies, Drywood Termites feast off dry wood. If you have Drywood Termites, it will be obvious by the piles of ‘sawdust’ you see outside of the wood.  This 'sawdust' is actually fecal pellets that have been pushed out of the wood being damaged.  Use Greenbug Ready to Use to control Drywood Termites.

My furniture (doll house, antique toy etc...) has Termites

Bundle includes:

  • Greenbug Ready to Use, 1 quart
  • 1 Greenbug Injector
  • 1 Greenbug Syringe

Treatment for Drywood Termites

Materials needed:

Greenbug Ready to Use
Greenbug Termite Injector and/or
Greenbug Termite Syringe
Scotch tape or similar

  1. Locate all areas infested with Drywood Termites and determine the locations of the kick-out holes.
  2. Using a Greenbug Termite Injector or a Greenbug Termite Syringe (depending on the size of the hole), inject Greenbug Ready to Use or Greenbug Concentrate properly diluted into the kick-out holes.
  3. Wait a few minutes and re-inject.
  4. Keep repeating until no more Greenbug Ready to Use or Greenbug Concentrate properly diluted can be injected and then seal the holes with a small piece of scotch tape.
  5. Monitor the area that has been treated for several days to see if any additional effort is needed.