Greenbug Three Day Trial for Mites using Greenbug for People/Pets

Greenbug Three Day Trial for Mites

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Mites are microscopic bugs that cause sensations of crawling and itching - although there is no visible evidence of bugs.  They bite and leave behind itchy skin that appears as bumps or a rash.  Mites can affect some, but not all, in a home and are active at night causing sleep disruptions.  But good news - Greenbug controls Mites!

However, you must determine if mites are what you have. There are not visible bugs.  They aren't specks of dark or flecks of lightness.  They are too small for human eyes and therefore invisible.  So through analysis of symptoms, the Greenbug Three Day Trial for Mites will determine if moving forward with a Greenbug Mites Infestation Treatment is warranted.  If the answer is yes, the future is good.

The Greenbug Three Day Trial for Mites uses the quart bottle of Greenbug for People/Pets. It is enough to be thorough with sprayings but not more than you want to test a theory.  If the theory proves to be Mites, Greenbug controls Mites. 

Follow the steps below to determine if your unexplained itching and sensations of crawling are caused by Mites.  Greenbug controls Mites.  However, other circumstances mimic Mites symptoms and Greenbug does not control them. Therefore, do not perform a Greenbug Mites Infestation Treatment without confidence your effort produces results.

Indications of a Mites Infestation:

  • Unexplained sensation of crawling, itching, biting.
  • Disruption of sleep, waking up in the middle of the night.
  • Increase in unexplained sensation activity at starting early evening until pre dawn.
  • Feelings of isolation, uniqueness in regards to others in the home,
  • Feel I'm moving towards preoccupation with irritating symptoms.
  • Eager for answers.

To proceed with the Greenbug Three Day Trial for Mites, follow the following steps:

  1. Before starting your trial, make notes of your level of discomfort.  Make note of the times you feel the unexplained sensations, how they differ and, when you are most disturbed by them.  Are there times they are not noticeable and if so, when?
  2. This is your baseline to compare the difference in symptoms of Mites after you use Greenbug for People/Pets. 
  3. Spray the Greenbug for People/Pets liberally on your skin when unexplained sensations of crawling and biting occur.  You may spray yourself up to 6 times each day.
  4. Spray the Greenbug for People/Pets in the primary location(s) of where these unexplained sensations occur.  It could be your bed, a recliner, or other.  The purpose of the Greenbug Three Day Trial for Mites is to determine if you have Mites at all. The quart of Greenbug for People/Pets is not enough to treat your home so remember, your job is to monitor your symptom levels.
  5. Spray yourself and your bed linens before you sleep. Greenbug for People/Pets does not stain or leave a residue.  However, hard surfaces (like hardwood floors or tile) may be slippery and your normal cleaning processes may be necessary.  
  6. If you have Mites, it is likely your crawling and biting sensations will intensify initially after using the Greenbug for People/Pets. This is because they are threatened and are biting aggressively as they attempt to get a protein meal to lay eggs.  Increased biting in the short run is a good sign that you have Mites.
  7. The Greenbug for People/Pets will not affect the itching from previous bites from Mites.  It will only affect the current sensations of crawling and biting of living Mites which is what you are attempting to monitor.
  8. After three days, you must re-evaluate your symptoms.  Do not expect symptoms to be eliminated.  Are the problems reduced? If so, is it significant?  Have the issues lessened in some areas, but not others?  Frequency, intensity, time of day to occur?  
  9. If the sensations of crawling and biting have decreased significantly, it is likely you have Mites and can proceed to the Greenbug Mites Infestation Treatment.