How to Control Dust Mites

Do you have a Dust Mite allergy? Do you wake up tired, feeling stuffy, and not rested?  Do you sneeze and cough when going to sleep?  Chances are, you’ve got what millions of others have – a Dust Mite allergy.

Many of us suffer through allergies. There are all sorts of allergies - plants, animals, and foods can cause reactions. But what about the sacred space of our beds at night?  Many people would not dream that their bed could be an allergen superhighway. Yet Dust Mites are one of the most common allergens and they are having a party in your bed!

Humans spend about a third of their lives sleeping. So, a third of our time is wallowing with one of the most common allergens.  Our beds contain massive amounts of Dust Mites, literally millions. These microscopic bottom-of-the-food-chain pests feed on the dead skin cells we slough off in our sleep. They patiently wait on your return each night for an endless feeding buffet.  Just the image of this is disgusting! 

Dust Mites controlled with Greenbug

And why are we allergic to them? The allergic reaction is caused when we inhale the Dust Mite excrement. Yep, their poop.  How nasty can it get?  Armed with this horrific information, it is time you did all you can to get rid of these microscopic monsters! 

Can we eliminate Dust Mites? Perhaps, but we can certainly minimize them. Following the steps below with your Greenbug products will make a huge difference to those with a Dust Mite Allergy!

Products Needed:

Greenbug Ready to Use or

Greenbug Concentrate, properly diluted

Step 1 - Laundry!

  • Wash your sheets and other linens using the hottest possible settings in the washer and dryer (without harming your belongings!). Add a ¼ cup of Greenbug Ready to Use or properly diluted Greenbug Concentrate to the fabric softener cycle. This has two purposes – to control the existing Dust Mites on your sheets and to offer future control once you make the bed.
  • Wash your sheets at least once a week and the remaining linens (comforter, bed spread, etc.) at least once a month following these instructions.

Step 2 - Treat your Space

  • When you make your bed with the newly cleaned sheets, lightly spray Greenbug Ready to Use or properly diluted Greenbug Concentrate on everything - the mattress, the box springs, and on any cloth or upholstery that surrounds your bed like head boards, dust ruffles, pillows, etc.
  • It doesn't need to be heavy - just a light misting is all you need to control dust mites and their eggs.

Step 3 - Bathe

  • Be sure to wear clean jammies! Add a ¼ cup of Greenbug Ready to Use or properly diluted Greenbug Concentrate to the fabric softener cycle when you wash your pajamas.
  • Bathing your own person before bed is helpful as well.

Following these steps with Greenbug will greatly reduce the Dust Mite Allergy issues in your home. You will sleep and breathe better and awake more rested and ready to go.