How to Control Fire Ants Using Greenbug

Fire Ants are clearly one of the species of ants you do not want in your yard.  They are mean and nasty when threatened.  And it seems there are billions of them!

Fire Ants controlled by Greenbug

Scientists have never quite figured it out, but Fire Ants have some uncanny skills of communication between them.  If you have ever been bitten by them, it typically is not one Fire Ant bite – it is several, sometimes dozens of Fire Ant bites. They do this by getting as many ants as possible on the victim and then they all bite at once.  How could they know?  It is that crazy communications thing going on and it takes a bad situation and makes it dreadful. 

Traditional pesticides used to treat Fire Ant mounds are bait that is supposedly taken to the Queen.  But if you have tried this before, you know that the outcome is the Fire Ant mound in the back yard moves about 5 feet away.  They are not stupid – they know bait - so they just start a new nest and keep right on going. 

But Greenbug is different.  Greenbug offers contact control for Fire Ants.  As long as Greenbug touches a Fire Ant, they will be controlled.  To treat a Fire Ant mound, you pour the Greenbug down into the tunnels and caverns and drench the Queen.  Once a Queen is gone, the nest is as well.  They have no purpose without a Queen so the nest dies.

To control a Fire Ant mound, follow the instructions below.  A strangely formed nest may take a few attempts but Greenbug controls Fire Ants.

Materials Needed:

  1. Locate the Fire Ant nest and create as easy an access as possible.
  2. Liberally spray the Greenbug Ready to Use or Greenbug Concentrate properly diluted around the outside perimeter of the Fire Ant nest to create a border they are hesitant to cross.
  3. Take your long stick and drive it into the center of the Fire Ant mound and force it as deep as you can. You can stir it around it to get it as deep as possible.  Turn the stick to about a 30 degree angle so it is not straight up.
  4. Be very careful to avoid the Fire Ants boiling out of the nest that will come towards you and crawl up the stick.
  5. Take the Greenbug Ready to Use or Greenbug Concentrate properly diluted and pour a 1/2 cup slowly down the stick directly into the center of the Fire Ant mound. This allows the Greenbug to penetrate to the Queen.
  6. Large Fire Ant Nests may require more than ½ cup.
  7. Continue spraying the Fire Ants boiling out of the center.
  8. Return the next day to see the progress. Most Fire Ant mounds are controlled with one treatment but sometimes the nest underground goes horizontally instead of straight down.  If there is a new Fire Ant mound forming or if moving the stick causes ants to boil out, repeat the steps above daily until you have control.