How to Control Grain Beetles

Grain Beetles are self-explanatory as they are smallish beetles that love grains.  Also known as weevils, these small brown or reddish pests usually enter the home attached to a food item.  You could be the most fastidious housekeeper and these aggravating pests just show up one day.  They often enter the home through infested goods where they then start to spread to everything you own. It is common to have Grain Beetles in your pantry, Grain Beetles in your cereal, or other items in the kitchen.

Grain Beetle controlled by Greenbug

These nasty little creatures love the pantry and can infiltrate all sorts of stored dry goods. Grain Beetles are notorious for being difficult to control but Greenbug offers a simple solution.

Materials needed:

Greenbug Ready to Use or

Greenbug Concentrate

Hand Sprayer or Pump Sprayer

  • Once you identify Grain Beetles in your foodstuffs, throw away all affected food articles as they are not salvageable.
  • Using liberal applications, spray the pantry, cabinet, storage area, etc. with Greenbug Ready to Use or the properly diluted Greenbug Concentrate formula for three consecutive days.
  • If there remains evidence of Silverfish, continue applying for 3 additional days.
  • Continue three-day intervals until no evidence of grain beetles is seen.
  • To prevent future infestations, place all grains and carbohydrates-rich foods in storage bins, plastic bags or other impenetrable storage containers.
  • Spray the Greenbug Ready to Use or diluted Greenbug Concentrate once a week in areas that have harbored grain beetles in the past. Continue weekly spraying until there is no evidence of Grain Beetles.