How to Control Ants

Ants are the Number One Pest in the United States and there is good reason for that.  They number in the billions and they love getting inside our homes.  There is nothing as unnerving as an ant infestation in the kitchen where you wake up and see ants everywhere on your countertops!  But how do you get rid of ants?

Controlling ants with Greenbug is not difficult.  The most important step in ant control is to determine how and where they are entering your space.  You locate the entry points by following a trail of ants back to where you can see them entering.  Maybe they are coming from under the sink.  Possibly there is a crack between the tile back splash and your countertop.  From under a window that does n0t quite seal?  Or the trail is crawling along the baseboard from the garage.  There are a gazillion ways ants can enter the home so you must follow their trails backwards until you figure it out.

Ants controlled by Greenbug

Once the entry point inside is located, now turn attention to the outside.  This is where it can get tricky because the exterior entrance is not always by the interior entrance…

If ants are coming inside via a windowsill, that is an easy find because the interior and exterior point is the same.  But what if you have a stucco home and the ants have entered from a low spot along the ground… then tunneled between the stucco and the insulation down the entire side of the house before discovering an interior welcome mat.  It is not always obvious!  But both interior and exterior entry points are paramount for best control of ants.

The best practice is to start on the outside wall of where you found the ants inside and start looking from there.  Once you have determined the entry points, it is time to control these nuisances!

Using either Greenbug Ready to Use or properly diluted Greenbug Concentrate, liberally spray these entry points both inside and outside.  You are controlling the ants in the process of entering as well as making it clear future ants are not welcome.  Spray to the left and right, up and down, side to side of these entry points for the best control.  Spray these points every day for three days and you will see a huge difference.

The Greenbug Ready to Use or properly diluted Greenbug Concentrate will be a milky white liquid that will dry completely clear.  It does not stain or harm surfaces.  Do not be alarmed as it will disappear once it dries… but continue to apply so ants know their presence is forbidden!

If the infestation is severe, it may require a week of applications.

As ants are so resilient, the remaining ones from the nest will be searching for NEW entry points...  So, after a treatment as described, be on the lookout for the next several weeks for new ant trails.  As soon as you see any evidence of ants, repeat the above steps.

Greenbug controls ants and can give you your sanity back as you enter the kitchen - without an ant infestation!