How to Control Mosquitoes

Mosquitoes are back!  They want to ruin the fun and make you stay inside!  So, what can you do?  You can control mosquitoes and take back your life!


The first rule in mosquito control is to prevent them in the first place. 

Mosquitoes need water to procreate.  The eggs are laid in standing water.  Not a fountain, a river or the ocean, but in water that is not salty and does not circulate.  The water the female mosquitoes choose to put their eggs in can be crystal clear or it can be nasty and stagnant.  And warning - it can be the tiniest amount of water – a mere half-teaspoon of water is enough to grow skeeter larvae!  The eggs hatch into squiggly mosquito larvae that need three days in water to emerge as blood sucking monsters.

If you stop to think about the opportunities for breeding mosquito larvae, the possibilities are endless!  Every time it rains, thousands of breeding sites are created on your property.  The bottoms of the gutters, the top indentions on trash cans, any toys left in the yard, etc. can be perfect mosquito multipliers.  If there are water-catching saucers under potted plants or if the grill cover doesn’t quite drain, you may be expanding a pest population without even knowing it!

Note to self - eliminate standing water breeding opportunities to control mosquitoes.

Next step is to protect yourself.

Mosquitoes are drawn to humans by smell.  As you breathe and perspire, it is offering an invitation to come suck your blood. You can do a full-body cover-up and have no exposed skin, but that is unreasonable.  It used to be that most mosquitoes only came out at dawn and dusk, but that is not the case anymore.  Plenty of them are active 24/7 so avoiding certain times won’t help.  So, to control mosquitoes, it comes down to using something on you, yourself to keep them away.

When using mosquito repellents, you can use harsh, synthetic chemicals created in a factory.  Or you can use ingredients from Nature herself.

Traditional pesticides use ingredients like DEET, Picaridin, Permethrin, etc. against mosquitoes.  But Buyer Beware! These ‘registered’ pesticides have been tested to decide the safest upper limits of exposure to these chemicals for a 180-pound male; not a 30-pound child.  And the reason they are tested is because they are known poisons, toxins, or carcinogens.  Being ‘registered’ does not equate to safety – in fact, it means the opposite!

Or your choice of Mosquito Repellent can be a product using ingredients found in Nature. 

Greenbug can control mosquitoes! is the website for Greenbug products that are made using Cedar as the active ingredient.  Just like cedar chests and cedar closets where you never see a bug – the cedar in Greenbug controls mosquitoes. 

Using Greenbug for People/Pets directly on yourself and clothing will make mosquitoes go the other direction and leave you alone!  Or you can treat your entire yard using Greenbug Ready to Use or the Greenbug Concentrate through a pump sprayer, backpack sprayer, or hose-end sprayer. 

The easiest option is a Greenbug System that offers Automatic Pest Control through your irrigation system so that everywhere water is directed is pest-free! Even if there is standing water on your property, if you have a Greenbug System, the mosquitoes won’t be in the yard to lay eggs.   Greenbug will control mosquitoes in a small, medium or large space.

How to control mosquitoes proactively is by eliminating their breeding grounds and reactively is by using Greenbug on yourself.  But the simplest and easiest solution is a Greenbug System that does both – automatically.