How to Control No-see-ems

No-see-ems are easily one of the most annoying pests on the planet!

When the weather is perfect and all you want to do is be outside – 72 degrees, warm breeze…  You step outside and become immersed in the glory of Nature, and then BAM!

It feels like a small razor cutting into your flesh.  Then another, then another.  Your arms get bitten, then your legs and your scalp sets on fire.  These bites immediately start to itch as you bat away the ‘cloud’ of dust that is in fact, a swarm of the tiniest, most brazen pests in search of your blood… it is the dreaded No-see-em!

Also known as Sand Gnats, Sand Fleas, Biting Midges and flying teeth, No-see-ems are practically invisible biting bugs that will drive you indoors.  Ask anyone who has played soccer, football or other sports on athletic turf and they know all about the misery of No-see-ems!

Greenbug controls No-see-ems

Well, worry no more because Greenbug has come to the rescue!  Using Greenbug for People/Pets, you can be protected anywhere at any time.  And if you want your entire property to be free of No-see-ems (yes, your entire property!), a Greenbug System and Greenbug Ready to Use or Greenbug Concentrate will make sure of it.  Here is how… 

Treatment for No-see-ems for you personally using Greenbug for People/Pets: 

  • Apply evenly on exposed skin by spraying into hands and then rub on skin making sure ALL skin surfaces are covered.
  • Apply on hair like a light coating of hairspray. (They love to burrow in hair!)
  • Or you can spray directly on the skin from about 2 – 6 inches away rotating arms and legs while spraying.
  • Spray into hands to apply on face.
  • May need multiple re-applications especially when you are active or perspiring.
  • Once you apply the Greenbug for People/Pets, the no-see-ems will still hover near you - but they will not land or bite as they are drawn to your carbon dioxide when you breathe.


Eliminating No-see-ems on your entire property with a Greenbug System:

No-see-ems breed in moist soil and irrigated turf is prime breeding ground (second only to the edges of the salt marsh).  A Greenbug System distributes Greenbug Concentrate through your irrigation system so that everywhere water is directed becomes pest free!  There is NO WAY a female No-see-em is going to lay eggs in a yard with a Greenbug System!  Here is more information on a Greenbug System.

If you do not have a Greenbug System, here is how to eliminate No-see-ems in an area you want protected:

Materials Needed:

  1. Determine the boundaries of what you want free of No-see-ems as you will be treating that area. (The key behind No-see-em control is making sure they do not nest anywhere near where you want to be.)
  2. Fill the sprayer and fill with Greenbug Ready to Use or properly diluted Greenbug Concentrate.
  3. Spray the entire area on Day 1, Day 3, Day 6, Day 10 and the morning of the Day 15. You have now established a barrier of control.
  4. To maintain that barrier, spray once a week for several weeks. After that, you may begin to stretch out the time between applications up to once every three weeks. 

Please note - it is not reasonable to expect a No-see-em free area if you spray just once or just the day before an event.  That is because Greenbug is a natural product (not synthetic) and the Greenbug barrier must be built up and created.  But once the barrier is intact, you only need to apply the minimum amount of Greenbug to maintain that barrier.