Mole Damage? How to Safely Control Moles

There is something quite American about having a nice lawn. But mole damage is deadly to turf and looks terrible! How can you safely control moles and the damage they cause?

Expanses of blemish-free grass is a goal of many.  There are some that strive for a beautiful yard - working hard, spending lots of money, and investing countless hours on backbreaking work.  Others simply want passable turf, so they hire a lawn company to mow and blow – just enough to keep up with the Joneses and not embarrass themselves with what appears to be an abandoned yard. 

Regardless of what end of the spectrum you find yourself, know this:

Moles are The Enemy of a beautiful lawn as mole damage is undeniable. 

What are Moles?  Moles are small mammals that live and tunnel underground.  They have tiny ears, barely any eyes, and totally-out-of-proportion HUGE front claws with long nails for digging.  Their diet consists of bugs living underground so they tunnel under the surface to seek out these bugs such as Grubs, Mole Crickets, etc.
mole cricket emerging from lawn without a Greenbug System


When Moles tunnel for food, they leave haphazard mounds above the surface as they burrow underneath.  Mole damage is obvious – a lovely, smooth lawn will have bumpy tracks that force the turf upward and create air-filled holes under the turf roots.  Moles are the bane of the lawn owner’s existence.

mole damage in lawn without a Greenbug System


Besides being ugly and ruining the look of expansive turf, the grass pushed up from the burrowing moles is now fighting for survival.  Air pockets under the roots dry them out and therefore kill the grass.  As these tunnels stick up, the blades of lawn mowers can basically decapitate the grass that has been pushed upwards leaving even greater empty spots.  As the tunnels have no rhyme or reason, mole damage will leave behind a mosaic of trails winding through lush, thriving turf.  Repair is costly, takes a LONG time to heal, and immediately makes a beautiful lawn look uncared for, sickly and unhealthy.

How to control Moles?  Simple – eliminate their food source.  If they have no food supply in your yard, they will go elsewhere.  

Sounds easy enough… so, how do you keep the ‘food’ of Grubs and Mole Crickets out of your yard? 

What is the safe way to get rid of moles? With a Greenbug System!

A Greenbug System offers Automatic Pest Control through your Irrigation System.  Using Nature’s ingredient of cedar, a Greenbug System controls bugs (Mole Crickets and Grubs) wherever irrigation water is directed. Adult female pests will not nest in a yard with a Greenbug System.  They will NOT lay eggs underground in your lawn because the Greenbug barrier at the surface controls them.  No bug ever goes where it will knowingly die so they avoid the area altogether.

Yet a Greenbug system is completely safe for humans, pets, birds, the environment and beneficial pollinators like honeybees and butterflies.  But if you are a Grub, a Mole Cricket, or a host of other non-desirable bugs, it is lights out!

So, if you don’t want Moles Crickets, Grubs or a long list of other bugs in your yard (Mosquitoes, No-See-Ems, Fire Ants, Roaches, Fleas, Ticks, etc.), a Greenbug System will make it happen. Automatically.  Without harsh, toxic chemicals.  A Greenbug System is the safe way to get rid of moles.

Greenbug System Daufuskie Island

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