Three Guiding Principles of Green Living

Green Living is an admirable goal but where do we begin?  Here are three Guiding Principles of Green Living that can make it easy! 

  1. Waste Not.  This is so simple that it should be the basis for all Green Living decisions. Minimize the trash you create.  Don’t use four paper towels if one can do the job.  Start a compost pile to keep food scraps out of the landfill. Don’t waste gas idling in a drive through line when you’d already be done if you’d just gone inside.  Don’t let the water run when you brush your teeth.  Use re-usable bags at the grocery store.  Question your decisions and practices – is there a way to accomplish this with less waste?
  1. Use, re-use, re-cycle or donate.  Max out the usage of everything you own! One man’s trash is another man’s treasure so consign items or donate.  Upcycle old furniture you get as hand-me-downs or from Yard and Garage Sales.  Re-use plastic and glass food containers while cutting out throwaway plastic bags. Recycle all items you can. And reverse the horrible trend of the throwaway mentality!
  1. Eliminate toxins. It is mind boggling how many poisons we create and then dump back into our bodies and the environment. The biggest culprits are pesticides.  But there are plenty of synthetic chemical mysteries that serve as food additives, artificial fragrances, and pharmaceuticals.  Toxins are just as the name implies.  They are toxic and they are slowly poisoning us and the Earth.  Be aware and demand safer options at your schools, offices, and in your home.

Through Green Living, Reduce Toxins in your Life by using Greenbug

Using these guidelines can make Green Living pretty easy! 

The next time you are at the grocery store, these Green Living principles will help you purchase food with minimal packaging (or hopefully packaging you can reuse), and foods that are organic, natural, and free of toxins.

Throughout your day, you can choose minimal waste options.  Refill re-usable water bottles. Support companies and organizations that are Earth Friendly.

Another significant Green Living arena is to speak out against synthetic pesticides. Make sure you use natural pest control products like Greenbug in your home. Open conversations about pest control practices in places you frequent so that you’re not as likely to be exposed to odorless, colorless poisons you don’t know about.

Adopting a Green Living Lifestyle is easy when you guide yourself with Green Principles.  Waste not, re-use, and eliminate toxins.  You are on your way!