Treat Bed Bug Infestations Yourself with Greenbug

Treat Bed Bugs Yourself with Greenbug

Contrary to what you may read, it is absolutely possible that you can treat an infestation of bed bugs.  Greenbug controls adult bed bugs and their eggs in one easy treatment that you can perform yourself!

The internet is loaded with information from pest control experts claiming that ONLY a pest professional can treat bed bugs.  They also state that ONLY a pro can correctly identify them.  And of course, they also stress that MULTIPLE treatments will be necessary. 

How convenient that the ‘experts’ in a given service field are convincing the public that their particular service is the one and only solution to a given problem.  And just to be clear, it will take multiple payments on your part as well.

Some of this ‘expert’ information is packaged quite well.  The national level associations are great at getting quotes out to municipalities and government institutions that will repeat their expert advice verbatim.  Word for word – “according to experts, you must hire a professional to deal with bed bugs.”  When you hear something repeatedly, it starts to become fact.  Problem is this is not a fact.

You can treat for bed bugs yourself!  You can get rid of bed bugs in one treatment! You do not need to hire a professional!

Also, it is not necessary to use toxic, synthetic pesticides.  In truth, a synthetic pesticide will lose effectiveness – hence the supposed ‘need’ for multiple treatments at the hands of pest control operators. 

Other internet sites explain that heat treatments are the only way to treat bed bugs.  Wrong again.  Heat treatments are wildly expensive, can ruin your belongings, and cause a fire hazard as well.

If you want to treat a few bed bugs here and there yourself, you will need Greenbug for People/Pets.

Greenbug for People/Pets controls Bed Bugs

Greenbug for People/Pets can be used as a spray to control bed bugs if they aren’t yet established yet as an infestation.  If you’ve been dealing with bed bugs for more than several weeks, you are either there or on your way to an infestation and will need to treat with Greenbug using a fogger.  Here is a link to more information.

If you have a Bed Bug infestation, you can perform a bed bug treatment using the Greenbug Bed Bug Infestation Treatment.  You can control bed bugs on your own, without paying for an ‘expert’ or a ‘professional’.  You can control bed bugs without toxic chemicals, without the risk of ruining all of your precious belongings and without spending thousands of dollars.  Greenbug controls Bed Bugs and you are empowered to deal with a Bed Bug infestation yourself.

Greenbug Bed Bug Infestation Treatment

Don’t fall for internet news telling you to hire others to do what you can do yourself.  With Greenbug, you can treat and control bed bugs yourself!