What is an Automatic Pest Control System?

The definition of 'automatic' is the ability to operate independently.  'Pest Control' is to control pests.  So can 'automatic' and 'pest control' be linked together and make sense?

Traditionally, pest control is performed by exterminators who use synthetic chemical pesticides that are sprayed inside and outside the home.  It may occur on a regular schedule but that is a lot of manpower so it is hardly automatic!

What would be an Automatic Pest Control System? A system that operates independently to control pests. Is there such a thing?

Yes!  The Greenbug System is here!  But before that, there were some others but they had some serious limitations. 

The first automatic pest control system was geared toward mosquitoes by using propane tanks that emitted carbon dioxide which supposedly mimicked humans.  Therefore, the idea was the mosquitoes would be attracted to the tank and not the guests enjoying the outdoors.  But alas, these were not much of a solution. Granted, they ran on a timer (automatic) and they did attract some mosquitoes, but the effectiveness is minimal as the mosquitoes want blood - not carbon dioxide!  So, the mosquitoes would still find the people and bite away.

The next generation was the mosquito misting systems comprised of a 55 gallon tank of chemicals and small misters (emitters) placed around the limited areas desiring protection.  Several times a day the pressurized emitters mist synthetic chemicals in the atmosphere to kill mosquitoes.  Unfortunately, these misting systems are now considered an environmental disaster!  They can also kill honeybees, butterflies, birds, and there are instances of small dogs getting very ill or dying.  In addition, the heads clog regularly (or break altogether) and repairs are costly and frequent.

But now the Automatic Pest Control System has grown up! Automatic Pest Control with a Greenbug System

Introducing the Greenbug System which offers automatic pest control for your entire property, both inside and outside using pest control ingredients from Nature - not a science laboratory.  The Greenbug System integrates into your existing irrigation system and delivers a food-grade, natural cedarwood oil (just like cedar closets and cedar chests where you never see a bug!) so that everywhere water is directed is PEST FREE!

And it is completely automatic.  Set-it-and-forget-it.  Like an I.V. drip into the irrigation line, the Greenbug System will use a mere two minutes per zone per day.

And it isn't just mosquitoes it controls... a Greenbug System offers automatic pest control for fleas, fire ants, roaches, no-see-ems, ticks, chiggers, mole crickets, grubs and many more!

An Automatic Pest Control System does exist.  It is called a Greenbug System and it works incredibly well.

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